Non Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

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a few hundred dollars so that’s worth looking into.

Site One – Expert’s Column

Again this site is restricted to articles, no poems, or videos. They want original and quality work. They used to use google adsense publisher ids but have recently shifted to CrowdA. Their minimum payout is also ten dollars. The articles have a 300 word restriction, and anything less than that will end up being disqualified by the editor. All articles are vetted before publication no matter how many times you have submitted an article.

Site Two – Boddunan

This site is currently restricted to Indians living in India. The payments are made via cheques and the minimum payout qualification is a thousand rupees. They do have interactive forums and a poll feature that is interesting. Each article you submit will be given points and a cash credit. When your cash credit adds up to a thousand you give them your bank details and they will mail you a cheque.

Site Three –Triond

This is actually a collection of many websites including authspot, writinghood, healthspot, picable, quazen and many more. You submit your article and the editor will go through it and publish it on the most appropriate website. They will pay your via paypal so you will need to open an account with them. The minimum payout is .50 cents which is easy to hit in the very first month and royalties will continue on your articles. In my case I have not written on the site for more than a month, but am still qualifying for.

Site Four – Bukisa

This one is where you are right now. The main advantage of Bukisa is that they don’t mind duplicate content that you have displayed elsewhere. All the want is for you to be the author and have no copyright infringements. They have a minimum payout of ten dollars and this does take time to build up. I have just reached the half way mark till date, so have not received a pay out from them as yet. However they too use paypal to send you payments. They also allow you to upload power point presentations and videos.

There are a number of other sites that share revenue with users who generate content, and this is not an exhaustive study. These are just a few sites that I have found worked well for me. Feel free to share any other site that you have had a good experience with.


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