friendship, what stage are you at

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As we grow we are faced with many choices, one of which is our friends. My father once told me that if you have one friend from your childhood when you reach your adult life you are lucky. If this is true then I have been blessed with all the luck in the world. I have friends that I have had since elementary school.

I think that there are many levels of friendship and where you fall in these levels with others is entirely up to you. You have acquaintances. You know the people that you know their name and you might see them every so often. You do not get involved about what is going on in their life. You do not know there phone numbers nor do you care much either. I know it sounds cold but it is the truth and if you are honest with yourself you know you have such people in your life, and you are such a person to someone else.

You have your pals. These are the ones that you call maybe once or twice every so often to go hang out. you are limited on what information that you share with them as they are with you. You wouldn’t trust them to watch you kids or other half or your life. They are just people we hang out with sometimes and have a good time.

Next is your friends. You keep in touch somehow a few times a week. You share almost everything in your life with these people. your families get together for picnics. You trust these people enough to keep an eye on your kids for a few hours or your home if you need to go out of town a day or two.

Finally you have the ones that you call family. It doesn’t matter how far apart you are or how long it has been since you spoke to them when you talk to each other it is just like yesterday. These are the ones you can tell anything to. The ones that you trust your life with.  the ones that with a mention of their name brings back so many memories all you can do is smile.

I have friends that I call family that I have had since before high school. I would lay my life on the line for them. They know that they can call me day or night and I will be there. We are far from the same people that we were in high school but we are still the same in each others eyes. We turn to each other for advise because we value each others opinions. We have lived life and taken different paths but we always seem to find each other and share in our experiences. I am sure that we have wronged each other along the way but we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t. Whatever petty things happened then or even now we forgive just as we do our blood family.

To all my friends I say thank you. You have never turned your back on me and I am truly blessed because I have you in my life.


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