my brother

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I use to have very close ties with my brother, Kevin. We were inseparable as children. We always have had this connection or at least I have. No matter what trouble my brother got himself into I was there. I do not have many memories that do not involve him. I stood by him through girlfriends, family fights, even trouble with the law. I would give my brother my last dollar if he needed it. I love him he is my blood but more important he is my best friend. As we grew up and got involved in the teenage stuff, sex, drugs, whatever else we could get into I knew he would be there.

My brother has moved away from me a few times and each time he has we seem to have lost touch and with each one of these moves it seems that we have forgotten how to come back to where we left off. This hurts more than anything, cause even though i know if I needed him he would be there the pain comes from not needing him and him not being here. I miss my friend.

I know that as we grow, we have to have our own families, and our own lives but does that mean that we put the ones that we know will be there on the back burner?

As young adults I know that my brother has said some things that may have put a bad reflection on me and this hurt me then but i have learned to forgive. I also know that with my children he has not agreed on some of the things I have done with my children or my rules, I also know that there were things that he allowed my kids to do that I did not, thus making him the really cool uncle, but that is alright too. Hopefully he has learned from his action some of the mistakes he has made in doing this.

Now he is grown and has a beautiful family. We still talk every once in a while and see each other what seems like once in a blue moon, but when he needs me he knows I am just a phone call away.

How is it that kids that grow up together as siblings and best friends lose track of each other. That they can not find the time to answer the phone everyday even if it is just to say hey how are you today? I have another sibling, a sister. who regretfully I am not close with, but even she finds a way to contact me and say hello at least once a week.

Kevin and I have this really cool thing that we do. We write together. One of us comes up with an idea, a subject, or the first lines of a poem and then we pass it to the other person he or she continues if for a few sentences and then passes it back. I have to tell you these writings are the very best that I have ever done. We have even been able to do this miles apart from each other. I miss that.

The memories I hold of me and my brother I will never forget. We are very competitive in all we do. Games, puzzles, even life it seems, but we never seem to be on the same page. Funny actually, the last time I talked with my brother he said that i was always smarter than him. So to you my dear sweet brother I say this to you,

You have been my rock in my moments of weakness. You have wiped away tears that nobody ever saw me cry. You have put light where darkness fell in my life. You gave me laughter when i felt the world crash down, and you have inspired me in all aspects of my life. When my world fell apart you were there, if to do nothing else but listen. You did not criticize me choices instead you told me you didn’t agree but no matter what you supported me. I love you Kevin. Not because we are family, not because that is what we are suppose to do, but because in all that you do and have ever done in some way has made me a stronger person. I value what you say, and even though I may not always agree with you. You are my brother, my friend.

I know that this is not exactly what some of you care to read but I am at a point in life where i find letting the people know how they touched me.


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