Romatic GateAway

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I recommend a romantic getaway every three months – an overnight stay in a hotel. Some of you may question my sanity at this point. You’re asking. What about the children? Don’t you know what this would cost? We don’t have time for such craziness!

Think of it this way: It just might be the best investment you ever made in your marriage. Isn’t it wise to spend some time, effort, and money building a romantic, healthy relationship now? If you don’t , the chances are high that you’ll spend the same amount of money later on – but on some different things, such as counseling, annulment lawyers, court costs, and spouse and child support.

And yes, it must be overnight in a hotel. Let me explain why. What is “home” to a man? It’s his castle! This is where he comes after a hard day at work to spend his free time, to relax, to tank up his energy so he can go out and fight the wolrd again.

What is “home”to a woman? Whether she is works outside the home or not, “home” represents WORK, WORK, and more WORK. It doesn’t matter what room she is in. There is something screaming, “Pick me up” “Put me away” or “Clean me.” Within confines of home with so many tasks demanding her attention, it is difficult for her to let go and relax and play the role of “lover” with abandon.

When woman is away in a resort, she can forget all the work and stress she left behind. It becomes an absolute prerequisite to get a woman away from her home environment overnight once every three months, if you want to keep your marriage from burning out.

Here are some common-sense rules that ensure the getaway will renew your marriage.

·         No talk about bills, children, in-laws, or other irritating topics allowed.

·         No briefcase, calls to the office, cellular phones allowed.

·         No television, videos, or movies allowed (the attention is to be focused on each other, not on the action of others).

·         Only recreational reading is permitted.

·         No dieting! (Ladies, it is no fun to take someone out for a fancy meal and hear them say, “Oh I can’t eat that!” This one time, eat it and enjoy it!)

·         Tell everyone you meet you are celebrating a romantic getaway, and watch them break their necks to help you celebrate in grand style.

·         Creatively show your partner through subtle romantic surprises how much you care!

Remember, relationships do not renew themselves. It is up to you to renew them constantly. Romance is only a part of married life, but it brings pleasure and delight. The challenge of being married is learning to keep a relationship romantic, interesting, and alive through all the changing years of marriage.


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