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I among allot of others have not taken to the time to tell my mom how much she is appreciated, so i would love to do that now.

My mother got pregnant with me when she was twenty years old. Her and my dad were never married. She had a tough time because my dads family did not care for her and her family did not care for him. They were young and in love and they had me. When i was very young my dad took me in the middle of the night and traveled all over with me. He gave my mom a choice sign over custody of me to him solely or never see me again. I was around three so she signed the papers. Over the course of the years I saw my mom and she had my brother and my sister. She married a man and they were together for awhile but she had a very hard time in that relationship.

My sister was born with medical problems. My mom struggled over the years, but she always did right by us kids even when i know that there was times that she went without. She worked jobs that she was so much better than and took pay that was way lower than she deserved but she did it for us. She moved to Florida when I was in my preteen years so that she could be closer to her family. I stayed with my dad and just would visit in summers.

It was hard for her I know not being able to be there to watch me grow, my sister with her illness and my brother, well he was the only boy and he was a hell raiser. We by far gave my mother more worries and heartache than she deserved. When i turned sixteen my father died in a terrible accident. My mother loved my dad more deeply than i think she had ever loved anyone at that point in her life. She traveled 1200 miles to be with me just to be upset even more by the bitterness that my dads family held for her. She stayed for me though and took the bitterness better than i did. She wanted me to move back with her but i was a junior in high school and wanted to continue my high school years right were i was, and against her better judgement she left me there with my dads family. I decision that she has beaten herself up over till this day.

I graduated had my own family and made many mistakes, and when i turned 23 I packed up and moved to Florida. Over the fifteen years that I have been her my mom and I have had had a our disagreements. I never mad anything easy on her. My brother and I got into trouble. Lots of it but she still stood by us even when she knew we were wrong.

My mom and I finally became close. She found a wonderful man who treated her, then and still does, like a queen. She became a manager of an apartment complex, so she was finally getting paid what she was worth. Things were great, but then life happened. My mom was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis c. it attacks the liver. My mom had to quit her job and undergo chemotherapy. She did this for her kids and grand kids. She underwent four years of it. She was sick and weak and began not remembering a lot of things. I watched the woman that loved me unconditionally my whole life, the woman that fought battles for me that she did not need to fight deteriorate right before my eyes and i felt helpless. I wanted to take it all away from her and I would have just so she wouldn’t have to. During this time to make matters worse my grandma had to have open heart surgery and we thought that we were going to lose her. this made things worse with my mom. My grandma pulled through and a year later was diagnosed with breast cancer. my mom was so upset.

Now during her four years of chemotherapy i have to tell you that they drugs she was taken were new. The first time around it didn’t work. The second time around she had received expired drugs, so that didn’t work. The third time they thought it worked but it didn’t. So she tried one more time, this time her kids asked her to stop taking it, her body had enough. She couldn’t do it anymore.

My mom is the mother of three kids, who have given her fourteen grand kids. She married the man of her dreams, fifteen years and going strong. She is a fighter and has beaten all odds. I know I have not shown her the appreciation that she deserves and for that I am truly sorry. I cannot change the past but I can change the here and now. My mom has shown strength when I would have given up. She is my hero and I love her more than I can express in words. I can only pray to be as strong as her. After all she has gone through she still smiles and does for her kids even though we really don’t deserve it. So to you mom, I just want to say that I love you and you are greatly appreciated.  


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