How to Establish Rules for your Teen Driver!

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In most states, they have toughened up on the rules for teens to get their license, which is wonderful! They have to hold their permit longer, prior to getting their license and have to account for more practice driving. Each state has their own curfew rules for new drivers. It is our job, as parents, to instill rules of our own. Consequences for not following the rules are easy, no driving the car!

When your teen first becomes a valid driver, enforce strict rules the first few months. If they have somewhere they need to be, like school, let the rule be, “You may drive to school, and straight home afterwards. you can not give any friends a ride at this time.” If they need to run to the store, they may drive there and then straight home. Do not allow any joy riding and know where they are every second. There is absolutely no reason for them to be out at night. Start out being very strict for a few months and let them prove they are responsible. Let your teen driver earn more driving privileges.

As time goes on your may loosen up on your rules, but let your teen know the rules at all times. This means they are still accountable for following them. In some states, a parent could have their teen drivers license revoked at any time.

Until they turn 18, you should have a set curfew. Driving a vehicle is a privilege and a huge responsibility. Weekends should be no different. Know where your teen driver is at all times. Letting a teen driver go to a party should never be allowed. There are too many teens that should have rules at home that do not, driving the streets and putting families on the road in danger. This responsibility falls straight on the parents shoulders.

You do not want a drunk driver hitting your child, and you need to make sure with 100% certainty, your child never even has an opportunity to BE the drunk driver.


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