Automated Data Collection and Systems Integration

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Keeping a bar code data collection system working effectively means finding qualified repair options for equipment. More specifically, bar code printers and scanners must be kept in good working order or work can slow or stop.  Several options exist for maintaining bar code scanning and printing equipment.  In mission critical areas it is recommended that ‘spares’ be acquired so that a device needing repair can be replaced immediately.  When repairs are needed the user has options as well. 

Manufactures typically offer a 1 year warranty but that warranty requires the device be returned to the factory and there may not be a guaranteed turnaround time for repair.  Alternatively, users can purchase depot repair with a guaranteed maximum amount of time the unit can be out for repair.  In some instances onsite repair can be purchased though this is obviously the most expensive option. 

ADC represents top manufacturers such as Intermec, Motorola, Zebra and Datamax and we provide repair services for all of our manufacturers.  You can request an RMA number from our website at ADC


More information at ADCISI


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