How to Save Money

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dollarsign-main_Thumb.jpg saving money

  1. Step 1limits_Thumb.jpg set limits

    LIMITS – Before you go shopping set a limit on the amount of money you can afford to spend. How many times have you went shopping to get one or two things but came home with several things that you weren’t even going for?

  2. Step 2list_Thumb.jpg make a list

    LISTS – Make a list of what you need and what it will cost and stick to your list.

  3. Step 3discountstore_Thumb.jpg discount stores

    DISCOUNT STORES – Try finding what you need at discount stores. If you need household items such as cleaning supplies, try the Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General, or any other discount stores for clothing or whatever your needs might be. You might just be surprised what you can save.

  4. Step 4yardsalesign_Thumb.jpg yard and garage sales

    YARD AND GARAGE SALES – You won’t find everything you need at these places but sometimes you can find some great deals on home decorations, clothes, tools, etc.

  5. Step 5Coupon_Thumb.jpg use coupons

    COUPONS – Clip coupons. Watch the paper or search the internet and be on the lookout for coupons on the items you use.

  6. Step 6savingsaccount_Thumb.jpg open a savings account

    SAVINGS ACCOUNT – Open a savings account and add money to it each time you get paid. I know this can be hard to do, but decide on an amount you can afford and commit to making a deposit into a savings account just like you’re paying a bill, except you’ll be paying yourself.

  7. Step 7Carpool_Thumb.jpg car pool

    CAR POOL – If you work with someone that lives near you or have a couple of people that are going to the same general area, ride together and share the cost of gas. It will save wear and tear on the vehicles and gas money.

  8. Step 8sales_Thumb.jpg take advantage of sales

    SALES – Watch the t. v., newspaper, or internet for sales that clothing stores run for a certain percentage off and take advantage. Some grocery stores have double coupon days or discount cards where you can save money as well.

  9. Step 9generic_Thumb.jpg buy generic when you can

    BUY GENERIC – I know some generic items aren’t as good as the name brand stuff, but sometimes there’s little to no difference, so when possible, why not buy generic and save a dollar or two?

  10. Step 10bulk_Thumb.jpg buy in bulk

    BULK – When you have certain items that you use a lot of, buy them in bulk. These items can range from certain grocery items if you have a big family or household items like paper towels or toilet paper. Buy in bulk when you can and you will save money and not have to buy the items as often.

  11. Step 11utilities_Thumb.jpg cut back on utilities at home

    UTILITIES/HOME EXPENSES – Try cutting back on the utility costs at home. Use energy efficient light bulbs and turn the lights off when you leave a room. Shop around for better deals on home or car insurance. Cut out any extras that you don’t really need or use like premium channels on cable or satellite. Hang your clothes out on the line and only wash and dry clothes when you have a full load.


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