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kanye destroys talor momment

taylors momment about to say her speach takes her breath. but a ma walks up and say that is great but beyonce is way better than you but beyonce gave taylor her momment  which was great but did she did it for attention who knows

lil mama preforms

lil mama did not under stand about kane west so she jumped up on stage to get credit for jay z  song as you saw he smaked her hand on stage there is a rumor that he cursed her out wow  what thing.

other imoportant new

* you lie is getting realected

*old sec of natural recorces get in trial for doing i leagal deals

* obama goes to UMfor the flu

what was lady gaga wearing is she wired and pink showing boobige wow

mm has brown hair i thought he was blonde and tracey funny as hell but that is him got to get used to it and watch my up coming web show on november 9 comes on youtube key words ttly tab #1

 so i see katy parey go thrown under the bus with her preformance and what else can i say and taylor swift did a good prformance and russel brad is just so nasty like lady gaga yeah just sto but i love his accent

ialso test products so email me or send message so we can stay in touch im in need of an actiog career

do we go  to online books or the hand book witch one to get well it is yours any way do you think 12 ear old girls should wear make up please no pervs okay thank you  blog comment


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