A love letter

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Writing a love letter can be a difficult task, specially if this is your first love letter. How do you express yourself and still leave a great impression? Should you just come out and say I love you or build up a story before writing those magic words? Should you text, email or actually get an old fashioned pen and paper and pour your heart out? Well, there are rules and there are no rules in the game of love and same applies in writing your first love letter.

Some simple guidelines to follow are:

Think and reflect on your letter for minimum of one week before writing your first draft. Reflect on why you like this person and why you want this person in your life?  This will give you some ideas on writing your first love letter 

Please don’t text, email or call and leave a message like this, “hey What’s up? Guess what I think I love you. Are you cool with that???”. You may not get a nice reply in return.

It is not necessary to come up with a romantic nick names for your lover. Don’t call her Sugar, Honey, Sweet thing, Babe or that sort in your first letter. Simply Dear …… is lovely and charming.

Simply get a nice letter head and start writing. Pour your heart out but don’t be silly, emotional and try to be funny. Don’t copy someone else’s love letter or poetry. If you do, it will be for your own benefit to quote the author or poet.

Even though there are no rules of writing a love letter but avoid writing nine and a half pages. Now a days, no one has that kind of attention span. Try to limit yourself one full single space letter.

Read, Reread and Reread your just finished love letter masterpiece. It is important that you don’t mail that letter right away. Reflect on the content and make sure that your creative writing style don’t get you in trouble and possible restraining order from your love.

Don’t write complicated words; you are not writing thesis paper. Be honest, be yourself and use simple words like, I love you.


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