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<u>The Value of Continuing Education: </u>

I was thumbing through a National Geographic issue dated in the 1980’s the other day. As I glanced through articles and advertisements I could not help but get the attention of a colleague and exclaim while showing the ad; “Wow, look how outdated this technology is!” I was referring to a picture of an electronic typewriter that was being introduced into the market as having qualities of portability through its hovering presentation hoisted up in the air on someone’s fingertips. I am sure it must have weighed at least 5 pounds, with a short battery life, and absolutely no wireless capabilities. Today, one couldn’t get someone to use such device even if paid to do so.

In reference to the sentence, ‘The value of continuing education’, the most important aspect within it seems to resonate in its verb –namely continuing. The ever-changing characteristics of society impose a continued out-dated quality to any faculty which aims at standardizing itself in a stagnating fashion. Our efficiency and effectiveness as ongoing productive members of society necessitates that we habitually refine our way in which we relate to society. A stagnating attitude toward education in which one feels that they have achieved a certain level and there is no need to continue investigating and learning is one which metaphorically speaking keeps using the typewriter of the ‘80’s.

Just as our ‘smart phones’ of today owe their essence of function to the typewriter, we do as well owe our knowledge to general education, however, it is up to us to continue discovering our ‘technology’ in order to achieve sustainable and attuned levels of operation within society. It is in committing ourselves to this ongoing quest where we find the value of continuing our education. We begin to see the results of such dedication by the opportunities that begin and continue to arise out of our persistent efforts to learn something new, or perfect some skill, or decide to prepare and take some certification exam. In doing so, we not only find a sense of fulfillment in what we do, but also create a better relationship between us and society. The added value of continuing education is therefore two-fold if not exponential, for there is an amalgamation of personal and communal interests which together create the fabric of society.


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