How to Plan a Wedding and a Honeymoon

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Planning your wedding and honeymoon can take up quite a bit of your time. While it can be challenging, especially if you have friends, family and a wedding planner who all have their own ideas about what would be best, you can still, in spite of this, have the wedding and honeymoon of your dreams. Here is how to plan a wedding and a honeymoon.

Part 1:

Establish a budget for your wedding and honeymoon. You don’t want to be one of those couples paying for their wedding and honeymoon five years after the events.

Part 2:

Visualize your perfect wedding and honeymoon. Having an idea of what theme you would like for your wedding and where you would like to honeymoon will make planning the details easier.

Part 3:

Choose your wedding date and the dates for your honeymoon. Have them far enough in the future that you give yourself time to get the details taken care of without feeling as though you are rushing.

Part 4:

Set up a calendar with tasks at 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year so that you can complete everything in a timely fashion and not be trying to get your tasks done at the last minute. This will save you money and time.

Part 5:

Book the church, the reception hall and your flight or other travel arrangements for your honeymoon. Also book your motel room for your honeymoon at this time. Do this all one year before your wedding as it will ensure that you get the best deals and get the church and reception hall you want.

Part 6:

Purchase the bride’s wedding dress, and hire a photographer, caterer, florist, a band or DJ, and any other vendors you think you will need for your wedding, including a wedding planner if things get to be too much. Do these tasks at the 6 month mark.

Part 7:

Order your wedding invitations and make your guest list, send out your wedding invitations, reserve the groom’s tuxedo, purchase wedding rings. and have a meeting with the person who will be performing your wedding so you can talk about how you want your vows done, and find out about any other details you need to know. You should do these things at the 3 month mark.

Part 8:

Lastly, purchase your marriage license You don’t want to get this too early because marriage licenses expire.
All other plans should have been handled by this time.


If your budget is too small to have a wedding with all the trimmings, consider being married by a judge, or going to Las Vegas to get married, both of which are less expensive.

Just choose what colors you want for your wedding and then have your wedding party handle their own clothing arrangements. This will save you money, and make your wedding party happier because there is nothing worse then buying an expensive dress for your bridesmaid that she only wears to your wedding because she thinks it’s hideous and not her color or style.


It’s very easy to want the perfect wedding and honeymoon and to overspend or go into debt to get married. This is a really bad idea because you don’t want to still be paying for your wedding when you’re trying to pay for having your first child for example.


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