Love your garden view

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If you want to enjoy your garden more,  take a little time to really look at it from different viewpoints and think about what you see. Each person’s yard and view are unique to them and should reflect the personal character of that person.  It is a personal haven.  As you gaze out into your yard through different windows and reflect upon the current day’s activities or life in general it should give a sense of calm or capture a moment of joy from what what is seen.  After a hard day at work or in the house we do not want be overwhelmed by looking outside and seeing another list of tasks that need to be done.

Follow these steps by taking a little time for reflection.  Use a paper and pencil to jot down what you see.  Then make up a simple plan. 

1.  Stand, sit or walk in the places where you usually look out into the yard or garden. For example if you often look out a kitchen window or sit on the patio, take a little time in these spots and look at the view. Notice anything that catches your eye and write it down. The things that catch your attention can be good or bad. Let your eyes naturally follow the curves and lines in the view. Notice where they take you.

2.  After the different focal points are identified, make of list of some simple tasks in each area and prioritize.

3.   Set up a basic schedule that works with your resources and time.

4.   Follow proper pruning, planting and timing for each task.

5.   Make the best of what you have before adding or changing anything.

6.   Remove or cover up any unsightly places that stand out and take the eye away from the pleasant views. 

7.   Focus your attention, time and resources on the best views so that your eye always leads you back to them.

8.  Accentuate or improve each area by doing a little light pruning, trimming or clean up. Begin by making small changes daily or weekly in the most noticeable areas. This will keep the work from becoming too large or daunting and will require less money.  Smaller tasks will be more enjoyable than taking on a huge overtiring project that won’t get completed.

9.  Take the time to look at your views and enjoy your accomplishments.


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