A Utopian World

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In a utopian society, there would be no such thing as a currency. Simply a system of credits or the like in which all people are allotted credits in relation to the amount of work they put in, the more hours of work, the more credits. Such a system would run on technology similar to that used in digital dog tags these days, in which a chip is put into the blood stream with a record of all your grades and other skills etc. The chip would be input at birth and record everything from health issues to education, addresses etc.

People wouldn’t be limited to a single job but could work at different places every day, however would only be able to go to jobs that fit their education methods. A person with a degree in law wouldn’t be able to simply farm or other job that perhaps requires less effort, yet would earn the same income as a farmer. Housing and other benefits however would be based on how much a given person applied themselves, both at the (free) education as well as in their jobs. Cars would be obsolete and public transport both efficient, and free.

Food would be replaced with pure protein and other pills/ dietary supplements, allowing for an easy, well balanced cheaply made meals. Tablet-PCs are also issued to most individuals once they reach a certain credit balance; this allows access to a large online database of movies, music, books and other publications, without using up limited resources like paper. Credits can be earned for making contributions to said database. Games would also be available in the database, giving people a chance to vent their anger without taking out physically on each other.

Such a system would reward those who tried, not just those who were born smart, it would also reduce the amount of conflict in day to day life, relieving stress and possibly increasing life expectancy.


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