First chapter of my book: Ain’t no way back home

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Chapter 1

I sat back in my recliner and handled one of my valuable prizes. I ran the silver metal through my fingers, feeling its coldness against my hands. I opened the locket and saw a happy couple on the inside. One tear ran down my cheek, as two more followed. I slowly crept to the bathroom and looked at myself through the mirror. I touched the wrinkled skin on my face, and asked myself why I was still on this planet. My life is worthless now, I don’t deserve this world. I stared at the couple again and a vivid memory shot back through my mind. It was a cold, winter morning and my mother, Samantha, called my name for breakfast. I was reluctant to move myself out from underneath the covers because of the warmth already built in my bed. I ran down the stairs shivering in my britches, while chattering on my gums. I lost most of my teeth the year before, and they still hadn’t grown back. I had never been to the dentist, because of how poor my mother and I were. The second I sat on the frozen kitchen chair, I sprinted back up the stairs, into my bed. Samantha waddled up the staircase asking why I wasn’t coming for breakfast. I told her I was cold and she wrapped me in her jacket probably 50 times the size of mine. I tried to walk beside her down the staircase, but her belly pushed me behind her as I tripped on her oversized sweater. When we got downstairs, she lit the fireplace and as I was eating, I nearly choked on my biscuits because of the smoke reaching my already dry and stinky mouth. I got ready for school after breakfast, the school Samantha had worked her entire career at the market for. My mother would always tag along behind me at the bus stop, but I would tell her to go back inside, hoping the others wouldn’t see her and tease me. I coughed and pushed myself toward the window watching out for the other kids. I didn’t want them to see the jacket. Timmy snuck his way through the maze of seats and plunked himself down beside me. I rolled up the sleeves and the bottom of the sweater, and pushed myself closer towards the window. “Hey Jimmy, where’d the king-sized jacket come from?” he asked smacking his bubble mint gum with a smirk on his face.  I told him my name was William, not Jim. He looked at me weird and then snuck his way through to the back. I gave a sigh of relief and the bus driver opened the door for me to get out. I walked out the door, but ran as fast as I could down the sidewalk, my backpack falling off of me as I darted through the pedestrians. Just when I reached the handle of the door, Mrs. Jameson closed it and sneered at me.
I knocked on my teachers window. She gave me a fake pity face and pointed to the road leading to my house.


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