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Anyone who has ever been fishing knows that in order to catch a really big fish you have to use the right bait to catch a sucker. My husband it seems turns out to be quite the fisherman.

Having decided a couple of months ago he wanted to build a website and cash in on some of the Google Adsense income he decided that he could use my help in his “little project.” However, he knows me well and knows that he would never get me to agree unless his website was something I felt passionate about.

After doing quite a bit of on line research, he decided that the perfect website would be one designed for people who wanted to start making money on line. While there are tons of these kinds of websites out there he noted that there wasn’t a single one designed for the beginning writer, with little or no experience.

Recalling the frustration I had felt when I was looking for a site that I could write for without paying to do so, how hard I have worked to get a start making money, and the hours I have spend searching for other writing sites that would increase my income, he decided that the perfect site would be one that gave new writers all this information.

Not only did he find a niche he thinks will come in handed but he also used the right bait as he got my interest when he told me his plan.

He set the hook, by asking my advice on things I thought should be included in the website to make it really useful to beginning writers. Reeling me in was just a matter of putting my name on his website.

There is nothing like having your name splashed all over the Internet to make a person want to insure the success of a venture. So despite my protests I found myself deep in the midst of this project and determined to make it useful to the people it was being designed to help.

While my husband’s main goal was to build a website to attract advertising, mine was to build a website where a beginning writer could find what they needed to get off to a good start writing on line. To that end, I did not just want to offer writing advice, but actually give them some sites where they could get started writing without paying to do, information on how those sites worked, and advice on how to make the most of writing on each site.

It also occurred to me, that since I and many of my Triond comrades have written articles about writing, that providing links to those kinds of articles, might possibly get us a few additional views and provide helpful information to beginners at the same time. Several people I asked graciously allowed me to use their links and in doing so, helped me to make a better website.

In return, I included a contributors page with their profile link and have encouraged new writers to read these people’s work in order to see examples of on line writing. Since this is a new site, I have no idea how much if at all this will help these writers, but it is my hope that it will do some good.

I thought it would be helpful to asked many of the fine writers on Bukisa to offer their links as well I would really like to make this a great website and can use all the help I can get.

There is still work that needs to be done to the site. Some is entirely up to my husband, like finding ways to make the site visually appealing and driving traffic to the site.

There are also things I would like to add to the site to make it more helpful to beginners, things I know little or nothing about and therefore do not feel as though I can offer advice on these topics.

I would love to have a section on Social websites, how they can help increase views and income and advice on exactly how each of these sites work.

I would also like visitors to the site to have some good advice on increasing views, and additional advice on how to write for the writing websites I have listed for beginning writers, as well as additional websites that might be available to them.

Most of all I would like advice on what I can do to make this website better for beginning writers.

If anyone would like to contribute articles on any of these subjects, or offer advice on the website in general I would appreciate all the help I can get.

The website went on line last night, and is called Martie’s Writer’s Window and I would be glad to send you the link if you would care to look it over and offer suggestions. There is no advertising on it at this point, so no one will be making a profit off anything at this point, all I want is advice to make this website worthwhile.

I would be happy to send the link to anyone wishing to take a look at the site, and I would be more than happy to include links to any articles you might have that offers advice to other writers.

This is an entirely new kind of project for me, and I really want to make this website one of a kind, and be of real service for those it is intended to help.


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