Why are you still singe? Part 2

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Why you are still single? Part 2

You go on your life wondering why you are single; you say to yourself “hey I’m a nice person, with lots of great qualities to offer to another person, so why am I sitting here alone”? So you enter the internet dating world and decide to open up some doors for yourself, give yourself a little push.  As you start to fill out your profile you look at the questions and think what better, honesty is or a little lie. It’s like when you go to the grocery store and cannot pass up getting that larger size of ice cream because it’s on sale. Then you get home and eat the whole thing in one day and instead of being angry at yourself you take it out the closest person you can, you don’t care who he/she is, it could be the girl serving you coffee. Who really cares as long as you don’t have to face up to your own mistakes?

What am I talking about let me explain it to you. I made a mistake one day and without really looking closely at a profile I agreed to go out with a man. Now I would hardly call what we had a date, somehow he talked me into meeting him at his house because he did not have a car (this was after a getting to know him on a few coffee dates, and many phone calls). When I got there he had no furniture, he said it was because he had just moved in, the little he had was from the trash. He served me drinks from plastic cups from a fast food restaurant and had only two choices of alcohol. We sat on two wobbly chairs and watched cartoons; he quickly got drunk while he told me about his great job working at a local grocery store (he had skimmed by his job previously, let me do most of the talking). He said he had not been able to find a job using his degree in journalism, although he was top in his class and was hoping to return to college.  Things got even better as he got a call from his mother that he just had to take, I sat and waited for him to talk to her for almost 30 minutes.  After he got off the phone I knew the date was never going to leave this sad apartment so I felt it was best I leave. Just as I was about to leave he decided to give me a kiss goodnight, the kiss was a horrifying experience to say the least. I pulled myself away and ran out the door glad to be done. It was apparent that the man I thought I had come to know over the past month was not what I had thought.

When I got home, I pulled up his profile again realizing I had not looked at it very close, I was rather ashamed of myself at this point. As I read it, I was shocked to see that the written section was full of typos, misspellings and some of the worst writing I had ever seen. He had also put down the wrong body shape, had his job down as business, his age was wrong and the pictures were at least 5 years old. I wrote him a letter and told him I did not feel any chemistry between us and also questioned him on his profile and asked him why it did not match any of the information he gave me when I met him. The next day I got back an angry letter about I was just too ugly for him, had no class and was not happy in my life. So it was the ice cream thing, instead of just admitting that he lied and being upset with the person who did it, yes he did it. He took it out on me, now what did that solve, absolutely nothing. Honestly, I could care less, I was not going to date him again anyway, but let’s say I had been on the fence with him he just blew it.  So now he knows why he’s single, because he can’t admit he lied.

Now I realize this is not limited to me and my ice cream boy; we all have had ice cream dates, or whatever guilty pleasure you can’t say no to.  I know it is hard to stop and look at yourself and be completely honest, but hey no one can lose 20lbs before they meet their date next week no matter what that super diet pill says.  This is also important to remember, you are what you do in this country, just because you are a dentist in Mexico, if you can’t practice here then you are the bank teller that you currently are being employed to do.  Life is not unfair because you are not the handsome doctor that gets the all woman, you have great qualities just put them out there, someone is going to love you for those unique traits. Ok it might be a little harder for the one armed 400lb woman I was told about (she used model photos to get dates). Think about it what is harder to have someone accept you for who you are or try and explain why you felt the need to stretch the truth about who you really are. As for the guilty pleasure stop feeling so guilty about it, just sit back and love what you had and tell yourself “wow that was really good and I am worth it”.


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