Avoid Paypal Scams on Youtube!

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You are probably more than familiar with the online video sharing site YouTube, but you may not be aware that the site is crawling with scams promising fast money, but looking to take advantage of the unsuspecting. One particular scam targets users or would be new-to-the-game hackers by promising to provide them with the tools necessary to increase the balances of their PayPal accounts with just a few clicks of the mouse. However, what the unsuspecting don’t know is that not only are the claims of every one of these videos false, but behind the screen and on the other end of the line, someone is looking to cash in on their misfortune.

What is Paypal?

Paypal is a popular online e-commerce website that allows users to safely and securely transfer funds from one business or individual to another. The site, located at www.paypal.com,  allows users to make make payments using a bank account or credit card, and even offers the Paypal Debit Card, which allows direct use of account funds. Paypal is widely used by online auction sites like Ebay, and payments from the site are accepted by most online vendors.

The fake Paypal hack scam:

Since the launch of online commerce, there have been many different types of scams directed at users of the Paypal site, but with the advent of Youtube over 4 years ago in February of 2005, there arose a new way to target those who are looking to get rich quick. What the unsuspecting don’t know, is that 100% of the claims in the videos are false, and the programs that are downloaded contain Trojan viruses intended to log every website and password that is typed by the user. These viruses when unleashed may not only allow another user complete reports on the sites you visit, logins, and passwords, but they can also allow a user complete hidden remote access to everything on your computer.

Different Paypal hack scam setups:


1. Download a free program


Many of the videos claiming to be legitimate ways to hack Paypal offer a program for download. There will often be a download link in the description. The creator of the video usually shows how to use the program, and will show “proof” that the hack works by splicing together video segments and making it look like their Paypal balance has increased within seconds.  These videos can be very convincing to users who are looking to get rich quick and willing to try anything, whether or not it is even legal

2. Input your information on a website

Another will give you a link to a website that asks you to input the amount you would like sent to your Paypal account and your Paypal address and password. This type of scam is blatantly obvious, as anything that asks directly for your log-in information should be

3. Send an e-mail to a “Paypal bot”

Another method employs an e-mail method which is also fairly obvious because it once again, asks directly for your Paypal login email address and password. In this method, the scammer will tell you that you can increase your balance by sending an e-mail to a “Paypal bot” with your information, and the amount you would like. A big red flag is that the e-mail addresses usually are from Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail. An example would be: paypaladminbot65@yahoo.com. NEVER send your information to any e-mail address unless it comes directly from Paypal.com!


Examples of fake Paypal hacks:


Here are some  videos claiming to be programs allowing you to hack your Paypal account and instantly increase your balance. The one below takes you to a website that blatantly asks you to input your Paypal e-mail address and password. a HUGE red flag



This program has you connect directly to a server and send your info to them directly. Once again. You will get nothing in return.



Here’s another Paypal hack SCAM.


I think I may have been attacked!

If you have recently tried any method on Youtube to hack your Paypal account, log in and change your credentials immediately. Add a different secondary e-mail address, change your password, and your security questions immediately! Also if you dont have anti-virus software, and you think that your actual computer may have been the victim, visit www.free.avg.com to download a free and easy to use anti-virus program immediately.

The Bottom Line:

Whats the bottom line? The bottom line is that there is NO way to hack into a Paypal account. Not only would this be illegal, but if it were ever discovered that you could just click a few buttons and add hundreds to your Paypal account within minutes it wouldn’t be shared with the likes of you! It would be kept secret by the hacker until the method was discovered, and you would only find out about it on the 6′Oclock news.  The bottom line is: Make money the honest way, and NEVER give your Paypal information to anyone! This includes computer programs, websites, and or e-mail addresses that are not DIRECTLY from Paypal.com.


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