My class, The Bible as Literature. part 1

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So I’ve got this class, every Wednesday from 6:50 P.M. to 10:00 P.M., at the college that’s about the bible as literature, which is well actually the name of the course. And anyways we will discuss the bible and its literary content. You know plot themes, character analysis, and all that literary jazz. I didn’t think so at first but it’s turning out to be quite an interesting class, simply because there are so many different types of people who take the class. There are pagans, believers, non-believers, Christian’s, catholics….etc. Coming from the stand point I have its very interesting to hear all these different belief’s and non-beliefs. I mean wow….I will be sitting there, in class, and we’ll start to have a discussion about some stuff we just read and honestly it feels like organized chaos sometimes. And also I love all the different things we get out of the class. All the different art we see in class, and all the different depictions of biblical events that we get to see paintings and drawings off. And she doesn’t just show one side of an argument or painting, but she will show multiple sides of an argument and multiple paintings by different artist’s to give you different view points.

The teacher is an amazing teacher, she keeps the class interesting. And she also hands out quite a bit of homework, I think. But it’s good stuff because it keeps me reading the bible and getting more out of it. Because the bible is truly a great piece of literature.And every time you open up the pages and read its words you get something new out of it that you didn’t get before.

We’re only a few weeks into the class and already I can feel that it’s going to be quite an adventure. So I’m deciding to document the journey. And every Wednesday, if I’m not tired from the class, or possibly every Thursday I’ll write another installment.So until next week Peace. -Matthew Emerson


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