Move on with Confidence

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After a disappointment people tell us to move on but moving on can be hard to do. It is difficult to let go of something or someone we care about. We know that moving on is the healthy choice but sometimes we get a little stuck and need some help along the way.

The most difficult part is accepting that it is over and that things have changed. We make excuses, we think if only I had done that differently, we pretend, we look for ways to change things back to the way they were.

Acceptance doesn’t always hit us like a bolt out of the blue. Sometimes it creeps up on us over a number of days or weeks and we don’t even notice it at first. We wake up one morning and go about our daily life and then later realize that our disappointment wasn’t the first thing on our mind that morning. Gradually we feel better and spend less time thinking about what might have been. We even begin to look forward to the future.

For the lucky few, acceptance comes swiftly and life starts to feel better very quickly. As most of us do not have the tools to help us in the same way, we do not understand how they can move on so easily.

The most important tool is self confidence. When we feel confident we can overcome anything. Unfortunately, most of us are not comfortable in our own skin. We feel that we do not deserve good things to happen to us as we are not worthy. We feel that when bad things happen to us we have somehow caused it to happen.

How do we gain self confidence? There are many self help books on the market offering help and support. Read as many of them as we can and follow their guidelines even though they will seem strange and difficult at first. If it seems easy then we are probably not doing it right! Persevere and things will improve.

Take time out to appreciate our life and the things around us. It is amazing how many good things we do have in our life once we begin to notice and appreciate them. Make lists including things like our home, bed, car, shoes even our favorite lipstick.

Use aromatherapy oils in burners and diffusers to enhance and uplift our mood. When we feel good we often feel more confident. Rose, Neroli, Geranium and Jasmine are wonderfully indulgent fragrances and will help us to feel sensual and relaxed.

By gaining even a little self confidence we will begin to be able to move on more quickly from the things that disappoint us and will be adding to our box of tools to help us overcome life’s difficulties.

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