Are Men Really More Romantic at Heart?

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The world’s greatest and most famous lovers always seem to be male while females are often labeled as loose or dangerous women.
A Romeo is a usually a loving, passionate man but a Juliet just doesn’t have the same appeal. When we think of Juliet we picture her simply as a woman who would rather die than be without her man. However we think of Romeo as a man who loved so deeply he couldn’t bear to be without his true love. There is more romance attached to Romeo even though they both died for love.
Even the Lovers’ very own saint, St Valentine was a man but there is no female equivalent. There was an old belief in the middle ages that birds mated on the 14th February and this is thought to be the reason that the date became associated with lovers.  However despite being a date for lovers no woman comes to mind when St Valentine’s name is mentioned.
Casanovas are men who know how to love a woman and turn her weak at the knees. The term Casanova is considered flattering and attractive to women and usually refers to sexual prowess however women displaying the same prowess are considered loose and are called a lot of very unflattering names.
Don Juan was another great seducer even if only a fictional one. This term came to be associated with men who were free with their affections and not the type who want to settle down. Again these men seem to attract a lot of female attention and usually gain sympathy at the end of the romance while the poor woman is usually blamed for whatever went wrong in the relationship. 
On the other hand, a woman who wants to have fun without being tied down is not considered to be the type that nice men bring home to their mothers. 
Perhaps one of the most famous female lovers was Mata Hari. A secret agent who seduced men to get what she wanted, she comes across today as cold and calculating and is not considered a great romantic.
Scarlett O’Hara is another lover whose story is far more romantic than the character. Rhett Butler was seen as the romantic hero but Scarlett was seen as the hard, unforgiving woman who failed to satisfy her man. 
Another famous romantic woman was Jezebel from the Bible. However she was noted as a woman who painted her face and today women are often referred to as Jezebels if they wear a lot of make up or dress in sexy clothes. 
All in all it seems that men through the ages have been considered to be far more romantic than women. History and literature may support this but modern women are not fooled and we all know who the real romantics are!

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