Anxiety Disorders Treatment: Behavior and Exposure Therapy

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The cause of anxiety or panic disorders isn’t understood yet, but there seems to be a tendency to run in families. A connection between life transitions like marriage, work, having a baby or graduating from school happens. Severe Stress in life is also a major influence like death, or divorce.

Medical or physical causes can also become an issue that triggers anxiety attacks. Panic issues should be addressed by a doctor if you are having symptoms. You could be having. Symptoms caused by medication, stimulant use, hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism, or cardiac problems.

Panic attacks are treatable conditions, either with therapy or medication, or both. Behavior therapy is the most effective, with its three step program which identifies negative thoughts, challenges negative thoughts, and replaces negative thoughts with positive thinking. Behavior therapy should be a positive therapy choice.

Exposure therapy – you experience sensations of panic in a safe environment that is controlled, imitating attacks. Learning desensitization techniques which involves three parts: learning to relax, creating lists that trigger attacks, and working through the steps .Learning about the cause making coping easier so less attacks happen. Exercises in hyperventilating, easier breathing techniques, and bobbing the head back and forth are taught. Read More.

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