How to Play World of Warcraft for Free

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It is a good idea to set up a paypal account before trying out my methods.

Just follow a few of my steps which I tried:

One way I tried was blogging. There are sites that PAY you to write contents and put links in your blog.

PAYPERPOST asks you to provide content and links to a client’s site. They pay monthly.

REVIEW ME is a new company which pays for every post you write (minimum 200 words). You receive payment every month.

SMORTY pays on a weekly basis.

Another way which worked wonders was completing surveys or trying products.

FUSION CASH was one of the lucrative sites. They pay you to try products and services as well as pay you for completing certain surveys.

TREASURE TROOPER Between the 15th-20th of each month, they send your payment if you have earned a minimum of 20 dollars by the last day of the previous month. You can earn money by doing surveys, or even signing up for free products.

GREENFIELD may take a few weeks to pay you but offer surveys that pay well. This option is mainly for people who have time in their hands.

There are endless lists of great legitimate paying survey sites and so, the following survey sites only get a brief mention: Opinion Outpost, Gozing, Lightspeed Research, SurveySavvy, and Ipsos Surveys.

I also made money by posting on forums.

One forum I used a lot as well as enjoy, was MYLOT. This site pays you to start discussions and sometimes you see very interesting discussions which could make some people even addicted! You can earn even more by referring others.

I hope you found some of my comments useful!


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