New Super Mario Broths. Review – It`s a me Mario!

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This game was one of the first games I got for my Nintedo Ds as I could tell it was going to be great. If you somehow never heard of Mario he is probably the most famous games character and probably part of the reason Nintendo have been so successful with the DS and Wii as they can make as many Mario games they like. Any type of game Mario can be a part of whether it is sports, action, platforming or even racing with the great game Mario Kart (reviewed both DS and Wii version which are both brilliant games!) 

However here Mario goes back to his old roots to make an absolutely wonderful game! The story is the same as most Super Mario games with Princess peach stolen by Bowser and Mario and Luigi have to try and save her. The storyline is good even though you know what is coming and I think it is good Nintendo have kept it as simple as it is. 

The graphics have been updated a bit but not too much so the game still has that retro feeling. Mario and his friends are in 3D but his surroundings are not which actually looks really cool and is a perfect mix of old and new. 

You have to go though the map trying to get to Bowser`s castle but to get there you have to complete many levels. There are also many smaller boss battles and this is also great. 

Mario does what he was originally meant to do jump around trying to get to the end of the level collecting coins and now some new powerups which comes in handy. These include one that makes Mario massive and pretty much destroy everything in front of him. This is what is so great about this game is the fact it is a great mix between old and new! 

There are also some mini-games which are fun to play as well like card games and much more adding another good thing to this great game! 

Overall this is a brilliant game which is great fun to play and gives you something new and old combined to make and almost perfect game. 

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