Hooray for Obama

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It so encouraging to see such a wonderful man become president of the United States.  While so many are cheering for the simple fact that we have our first black president, I am cheering for the fact that I have a feeling that we have elected not only tremendously noble and visionary man as well as a man who has finally validated the worth of the black community.  Something that is long overdue.

I have always believed that a person should be evaluated by what they are about….what is in there minds and their hearts rather than their economic situation, the religion and their race.  This is so obvious when you hear the conviction in his voice that reflects his true feelings in his heart of hearts and not just political posturing.  His election night speech, featured in the video below exemplifies a man with deep conviction and high ideals.

What we have here is a man that is bringing more to the Presidential Office than any other in recent history.  We have a man who is sincere, down to earth, decent, and idealistic.  You can see that in everything he does and has ever done.

As for his experience, well, all I can say is that it is refreshing to have someone running this country that is not a professional politician who is more interested in winning the “good old boy” game than in what is truly good for the common American.  He has focused his efforts on community service other than personal gain…there is a lot to be said for a man like that.  He has a wonderful family that is real and not just a fabrication of images that is so often a product of the political machine.

My husband has expressed a real concern that something bad will happen to him because of the fact that he is to be our first black president.  I share in his worry.  I would hate to see something like an attempt on his life be made.  I think we all need to be mindful that in this age of enlightenment, that we are all a part of this beautiful tapestry we call life.  If all of us, as threads in that tapestry were the same, it would make for a very dull picture.  We must remember that God in his infinite wisdom created diversity for that very reason.  All of us have unique qualities.  This applies to all aspects of our identities whether it be ethnic, religious of any other variable.

I truly believe that by electing Obama we have not only done a great service to ourselves as a nation, but we have finally made a step in a positive direction when it comes to how the rest of the world perceives us as a nation.  With globalization becoming such a broad ranged reality, I think that our reputation as a nation is very important.

Let us all hope, pray and do our best to support a man who will probably become one of the best presidents our country will have had for a long time.  All I can say is….FINALLY!!!!


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