Meditate to be happy

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Meditation is a delicate art of doing nothing. The question is how to do nothing. If we can devote couple of minutes to watch our mind and write down what ever comes, we will be surprised. It is almost junk, unwanted garbage. When you watch you can come to know of two things. One is the mind is always wandering between the past and the future. It is never rested in the moment.

This pendulum like oscillation is the tendency of the mind because of which we miss the present moment where the crux of life lies. So how to bring the mind to present. How to stop this oscillation? The second point is that we are not the mind. When we can watch the mind it is very different from the watcher. What ever you can watch is not you. For example if you can watch the wall, you are certainly sure that you are not the wall. If you can watch your body, then you are certain that you are not the body. So one can understand that one is not the mind.

When one comes to know that one is not the mind, the true self arises on its own. So to put it simple, meditation is nothing but watching the mind without doing anything with it. All one needs to do is just a disconnection from the mind. Let us see how the mind is surviving. A thought comes in the mind, we start saying either yes or no. It brings another one, this goes like a train and the main reason for the thoughts to come is our indelgence with the mind. To get out of the mind one should stop fighting, indulging, judging with the thoughts.

A new knack has to be introduced which is called watching or witnessing. Which is the only meditation available on the planet or which is the base of all the meditation techqniques.


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