How to Replace your Computer Supply Unit

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The power supply is the most important component of your computer as are the powers of all other devices in your computer from the hard drive, DVD drive and CPU. While the power supply is usually a very strong component, there could be a couple of times when you may need to replace it.

A power supply can go bad for a number of reasons. It coul be the age, dust accumulation, voltage fluctuations, a large increase in electricity, or even problems with the other components of your computer. Common symptoms of a bad power supply will restart the computer randomly crashing for no apparent reason. In extreme situations, it will not working at all.

Before replacing the power supply it is very, very important to make sure you get the right power supply for your computer. Furthermore, it should provide enough power for the hardware components of the components. Typically, for most PCs, a 300-400 watt power supply is sufficient. However, if you have a graphics card or high-power processors, it would be prudent to invest in something with more watts of power.

Open your computer case and remove the power connections of all devices, along with the motherboard (Warning: Disconnect the cable from the first power of the computer. Stand in an anti-static mat if possible).

Then, remove the four screws holding the unit of the power supply in place. Screw back the new bid in the same position and attach the various devices and the motherboard with it.

There you go! It’s done.


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