How to Teach Your Child Letters of the Alphabet

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Step 1- First, try to find flash cards that appeal to your child. something knowledgeable but fun at the same time. Usually i would look for picture cards with different colors. If your child doesn’t like the flash cards he/she wont want to participate. If your child doesnt want to participate then you wont be successful with teaming them any letters.

Step 2- Next, let your child watch more educational TV, like some Dora the explorer, all those shows that slowly teach different early concepts of school. This helps your child get ahead of other toddlers because they understand more and learn to use there imagination. These shows are starting to teach toddlers spanish, letters, math, and other good concepts to learn at a early age.

step 3- Then, look for magnets with the letters of the alphabet. Use them to help your child learn the letters and eventually spell words. Try to make it as fun as possible. Toddlers only like to do things that are fun for them. it works to make little games on the frigerater and reward you child with little peices of candy so that they feel more accomplished and remember the letters more than they would before.


  • make sure to use bright colors and fun looking flash cards
  • try to let you child watch some educational television but not to much because it can damage you childs vision, sometimes your memory.
  • when looking for magnets try to get the one that will stick to the refrigorater, and that have many colors so attract your childs attension.

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