Cooking with Honey and Its Health Benefits

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Honey contains polyphenols that reduce the risk of many diseases including cancer. The antioxidants in honey cleanse the body of free radicals.


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Honey, the Nature’s wonderful gift is an excellent option while making sweets without the negative health effects. This natural sweetener has many health benefits.

The following are some of the health benefits of honey:

* Honey is anti-bacterial.

* It is a good source of anti oxidants.

* It regulates blood pressure.

* It purifies blood and strengthens the muscles of heart.

* It promotes mental efficiency.

* It strengthens the immune system.

*Honey contains many vitamins and minerals that are necessary for normal development and health.

* It helps in soothing stomach-aches when taken after diluting with water.

*It cures insomnia.

* Honey reduces fat content in body.

* It enhances haemoglobin in the blood as it is rich of iron.

*It reduces excessive body heat and burning sensation.

*It is very effective in treating cough, cold and constipation.

Reasons to cook with honey:

* Honey retains the baked food fresh for long time.

* It adds moisture and acid to the recipes.

* It adds a good flavor.

* It is easily digestible and is an instant energy booster.

* Honey has a faster browning capacity.

Using honey in cooking is somewhat tough and challenging for some reasons. But if you know the tips, it is very easy to cook with honey.

Tips while cooking with honey:

*Honey is a liquid. Replacing sugar with honey will ruin some recipes. You can overcome this problem by not adding extra liquids in your recipes.

*Honey burns more easily than normal sugar. You can solve this problem by cooking at a slightly lower heat.

*Use the mildest flavored honey to avoid the flavor of honey in your recipe. Usually the paler honey is of the milder flavor.

*You can also use part honey and part something else as sweetener.

*While using honey for pies, add a little extra thickener before you pour it in your pie shell to avoid it being runny.

*Honey is very dense. So remember to weigh exactly. One cup of honey measures twelve ounces.

*Before measuring honey, lightly coat the utensil with a vegetable spray as the honey may slide from measuring utensils.

* Add ¼ teaspoon of baking soda for each cup of honey to prevent over browning.

Ways to use honey in cooking:

– Honey is good when added in fruit and vegetable juices.

– Use honey in salad dressings as it is a perfect stabilizer due to its emulsifying qualities.

– Replace honey in baking foods like cakes, cookies, breads and pastries.

– You can use honey in jams, jellies and preserves.

– In addition to sugar, honey is an excellent substitute for corn syrup, molasses, brown sugar and raw sugar.

– Muffins can be cooked with honey without any adjustments in the volume.


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