How to Trim Belly Fat and Be Fit

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To trim that belly fat that has come over the years, as well as fit into their clothes better. Losing weight could be a start, and it may be as easy as changing your diet and doing belly exercises along with an aerobic exercise routine. When losing weight the belly fat is usually the first to go. Muscle under your waistline makes your metabolism very active. That’s why if you have a lot of belly fat you may see more results. There is nothing specific that attacks stomach fat.

Some things that may help reach your goals of weight loss, as well as reduce belly fat are:

Get more sleep – at least 8 hours or more.

Eat more grains – diet with whole grains, and fiber.

Eat more Protein – Stabilizes the insulin. High insulin levels affect your metabolism and how you burn calories.

Eat a nutritionally balanced diet – Try eating  5-6 small meals a day that give energy, and a metabolism boost throughout the day.

Exercise  – Exercise alone isn’t going to rid you of belly fat alone. It will tone you.   Its better to exercise in the evening even if it is a short workout, to get the blood flowing and the metabolism going. Any kind of exercise that gets your body moving burns extra calories.

Strength Training –  Build lean muscle with wrist ankle weights, exercise weight balls, resistance walking belts or a resistance firm band; requires extra calories to maintain.

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