"On A Break"

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Sometimes relationships go well, and sometimes they go sour. Often times, with the latter, break ups happen. Sometimes, though, relationships go on what is called a break. A break is usually considered a thinking period during the relationship to see what needs to be changed or to learn to appreciate each other. However, a break can turn into a full blown break up.

Peoples reasons for taking breaks differ from each relationship. Terms of a break can vary as well, but the most important thing is to define these terms at the start of the break. I’ve heard different explanations of breaks, but the one that most caught my interest was “taking single for a test drive”. While this is more harsh than I would like, I think this is a decent description of a break.  I don’t believe that you should go out and hop on the first person you see at the start of a break, but I think that if brought into a situation, one shouldnt worry about the boundaries of a relationship. A break is supposed to be a time to think on what you really want, and if that happens to be someone else, than that’s what happens. Regardless of the what happens during the break, it’s supposed to be a way of gaining perspective.If being with another person makes you feel like you miss your partner, you’ve gained perspective on the relationship. Also, if doing so makes you realize you want to be single again, you’ve reached some kind of conclusion about what you want. perspective doesnt alwys have to be gaiend in the form of someone new. being away from the person, or just talking as friends can work wonders.

In my personal experience, a break has seemed to help me gain perspective as well as understand that I have a great friend. I’m currently new into a “break” with my boyfriend, and already we are getting along better than when we were officially in the relationship. Perhaps we work better as friends, so if we end up breaking up, we know that we can work that way. In this case, a break was the best thing that could have happened to us, but a word of warning, breaks may not always make both parties happy. Say that one person decides they no longer want to be with their partner, the other may want to keep the relationship. Before you think that a break might be good, be sure that you’ll be ready to handle any circumstance or conclusion that may come up. It may be the best decision you make, and it may end up hurting you. Be ready for anything, and be aware that you are considering a break for a reason. If things arent going so hot, and they aren’t being fixed, maybe you two aren’t cut out anyways.

In short, a break can be a very good thing, but be ready to accept whatever happens. Open your doors to the possibilities of something great: a better relationship, a new friend, or a way out.

Good luck, friends.


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