Five Hot UV Blue Raspberry Vodka Drinks

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Blue Velvet

2 parts UV Blue

2 parts pineapple juice

Mix all ingredients together and pour over ice

For good color add a splash of grenadine to make it sparkle.

Barry White

1 part UV Blue Vodka

1 part Creme’ de Cacao

1 part Triple Sec

1 part lime juice

Mix all ingredients together and pour over ice.

Blue Frost

1 part UV Blue

1 part raspberry sherbert

1 part lemon-lime soda

Serve over ice.

Great Raspberry Flute

2 parts UV Blue

1 part Triple Sec

Splash of lime juice

Mix all ingredients together and pour over ice.

UV Blue Bombsicle

3 parts lemonade

1 part UV Blue

Mix all ingredients together and serve over ice.

Any of these great recipies will make you a hit at your friends or even your own party.  Most of these ingredients can be found at any local liquor store or grocery store.  If some of them are not available I have even tried getting them at a bar.  Most bartenders have extra bottles on reserve and don’t mind selling you one.  They do tend to run a little more spendy when purchasing them from a bar.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match your own combinations and find what suits you the best.  Once I tried some Watermelon Pucker, some UV Blue Vodka and some Liquid Ice Energy drink and it tasted like one heck of a good Jolly Rancher.  As the saying goes, always drink repsonsibly and do not drink and drive.  It’s okay to throw a rager just do so with a little brains and a little class.  Most deaths are alcohol related now-a-days.  Party on and try these out!


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