Jamaica, Land of Could and Ought to

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A British Psychiatrist noted that all of his Jamaican patients had the same diagnosis; schzophrenia.
After two years of intensive investigation, he realised that szhzophrenia is ‘normal’.

He found Sister Holies, who lived in church, and were ‘forbidden’ to wear jewelry, go to movies,
even wear bathing suits on the beach, who had a number of bastards for various men.  

He found persons appointed to Integrity Commissions who were so dishonest and corrupt that
they couldn’t get bank loans.

He met diverse people who would vehementally support one position while physically defending
the opposite.

He found so called ‘Upper Class’ people with the behaviour of junk yard dogs, many who had
gained their wealth through illegal exports.  In fact, one of the richest men in Jamaica had made
his fortune smuggling ganja through applicances.

That ‘everyone’ knew that this man had been a major drug smuggler, this woman was given
this position because she slept her way to the top, another repository of virtue had a corps
of gunmen to deal with his enemies, and that the church was riddled with pederests, rapists,
scam artists, practicing prostitutes and theives, did not in any way effect the reverence they
received in public, even from the press.

Just as the most raunchy dance hall performer will call herself ‘Lady….’ and behave to blush
the cheeks of a rum shop whore, so those who set themselves up as fonts of virtue.

When it came to one on one contact he found that if he asked for something, even if it were
sitting in the garbage, it would generally be refused.  If he showed no interest in receiving an
item, it was gifted.

He learned to deny what he wanted, what he did, so as to gain the obverse; hence by saying
he wasn’t interested in going to a particular venue, he was invited. As a corrollary, he
learned truth caused confusion hence when he drove through a red light and was stopped by
the police, he instantly admitted that he had done so, the police walked away.

This treatment of truth captivated him.  He would often do something, then admit it.  He went onto
his neighbor’s property and picked a mango, and when asked, immediately said he had, which ended the conversation.

He watched the Government of Jamaica ‘play’ people to a remarkable extent. When an area
devastated by a hurricane needed to be declared a ‘No Build’ zone, the Government made
offers on the true pre-damage value of the houses.  This would have cost the government
more money than in its coffers, yet the people Turned Down the offer wanting to actually ‘make money’ on the deal.
This allowed the Government to shrug and walk away.  Hence by making this incredibly
reasonable offer, knowing it would be refused, the Government could appear beneficient yet
do nothing!

In short, he had entered a topsy-turvy world where no one believed anything anyone said,
so there was always this sense of awe when he would repeat something the subject had told
him; verbatim, or describe something that he and the subject had witnessed exactly as it
had happened.

If he said he would do something, he did it, much to the surprise of those he encountered.
Further, as he would always be ‘on time’ he could leave after fifteen minutes.

Whether the top or bottom of society, he found that females expected any man they had sex with
to ‘pay’ them, often in kind; i.e. pay their rent, buy them a car, and that males were always
looking to have sex with females, regardless of their martial status.  In fact, he found
single unattached men shunned for the obviously married man, while young men were looking to
become someone’s ‘toy boy’.

When he returned to Britan his morality was so skewed he found himself needing to seek
psychiatric help as he was diagnoised as schzophrenic.


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