How to Cherish a Loved One After Death

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My father is a great man (i do not like to use was with him). I have accepted his death (I like to think of it as good needed an angel). He took good care of his family an we love him with all ours hearts. My mom, husband, sister, niece and my cat Tillie is all I have left, as far as family goes. I have an execeptional group of bestfriends and alot of good friends. I am blessed with family & friends that I have. They are the best support group ever. I have alot of pictures, memories, handwritten things, cards and videos of him. I cherish it completely and I am so glad I love the people in my life and hang on to all those things (they really mean alot). So remember to love, laugh and live. Cherish your memories and hang onto things that people give you, take lots of pictures. Send flowers to men and women you love. My saying is I would rather receive them when I am alive, so I can enjoy them. I like to know my love ones love me so I say do it now. Do not wait till I am dead. I do not mean to sound rude with that, but people do not do this enough. Then when a loved one is gone they cry and send flowers. They say I wish I would have done it when they were alive. So don’t wait do it now. I recently helped one of my bestfriends with the death of her mother. She had brain cancer. When she was first diagnosed she said she wanted to go to Florida and parasail. So Betty, Paula and I went to Florida. She had the best time and she did parasail. She really enoyed life. My mother, Betty, Paula and I did alot of things together. Betty was like a second mom to me. I miss her dearly as Paula does she was (and is) a great lady. I have an urn with some of her ashes. Then I scrapbooked a two piece picture frame with Betty, Paula and I. It reads “Friend Forever”, Glad to have you as a friend. In an adjoining frame is a picture of Betty and Paula and it reads “Love at all times”. We all loved her so much. I have this on my table with the urn in the middle.  Paula loves that I did this. I also have scrapbooking albums of all my family and friends. Remember to cherish before and after. Do not ever have any regrets with family and friends, love them now.


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