Allen Iverson To Prove Haters Wrong

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As we Know Allen Iverson is one of the best small guards in the NBA and in the world. With this NBA season coming up Iverson is going to prove alot of haters wrong this year playing for the Memphis Grizzlies this season. Two haters I can really think of is Skip Bayless who calls Iverson ME MYSELF AND IVERSON, and Jemele Hill who this past weekend bashed Iverson in her article just because things didn’t work out in Detroit for Iverson which wasn’t Iverson’s fault.

Many people think Iverson has lost a step on the court due to his season in Detroit. If you are going just off of that you are crazy Iverson hasn’t lost a step it just the team he was playing for a team that didn’t really accept him and, didn’t use Iverson right. Iverson can still put up huge numbers anytime in the NBA. Skip Bayless says Iverson was about his self but when he got to Detroit he was about the team Iverson wasn’t ball hogging are dribbling to much he was passing the ball to his teammates. The problem was his team couldn’t get over losing Chauncey Billups and didn’t want to play the season after he left, Iverson would pass them the ball to make wide open jumpers and they couldn’t buy a basket. Iverson wasn’t brought to Detroit to win them a championship he was brought to Detroit  to release cap space for the team for the future. Don’t bash Iverson bash the Detrioit management for messing up Detroit season last year.

With Iverson palying with the Memphis Grizzlies this upcoming season I see good things happening more ticket sales for the team and more wins for Memphis. Iverson will accept the role coming off the bench and he will also be sharing his knowledge of the game to the other players to help them win. Iverson doesn’t have a problem coming off the bench I think he has more of a problem with how many minutes he will be playing coming off the bench. When its all said and done Iverson will rebuild his image at Memphis and turn them back into a winning team. Although Iverson is not into individual awards anymore and just wants to win a championship I see Iverson winning the 6th man of the year award this year and turning the Memphis Grizzlies franchise around. As well as proving the haters wrong.


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