Floyd Mayweather Jr. To Remain Undefeated

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. is the number one pound for pound boxer out right now. Many can say that Manny Pacquiao is the the number one pound for pound boxer right now because Mayweather had retired for a short period of time. Now with Mayweather back and ready to fight Juan Manuel Marquez this saturday a opponent in my eyes that has beat Pacquaio twice and should of got the wins over Pacquaio but didn’t. This fight will be a good fight with Mayweather coming out on top beating Marquez this weekend.

Many people think that Mayweather will lose this fight because he has sat out of boxing for a while and people think he has lost a step or two. After watching Mayweather on tv the other night I can say he looks bigger and stronger and even faster than ever. How I see Mayweather winning this fight is just out powering Marquez and, Mayweather using his speed and his defensive tactics to beat Marquez. Marquez is a good fighter but I don’t think he will be winning this match against Mayweather this weekend.

After Mayweather Defeats Marquez we will all like to see Mayweather take on Pacquiao which I think will be a very easy fight for Mayweather. Your probably thinking how could this be a easy fight for Mayweather well when you look at Pacquaio boxing style he has no defense all he does is throw a bunch of punches when you do that with Mayweather with no defense you either lose the fight on the score cards or end up knocked out. When it’s all said and done Mayweather has a natural talent for boxing and can’t be stop after he defeats Marquez and later on down the line Pacquaio who’s left to box thats good in my eyes no one which leaves Mayweather undefeated until he retires.

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