A clever little box! (Sky Plus (Sky+))

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I have had Sky + for quite a long time now so felt I have used it enough and learnt nearly everything about it so I could write a review on it! Sky + is like the normal version of Sky but with a few great extras and it only costs more as one off when buying the box and therefore I don`t really see any reason not to have it unless you really can`t afford to buy the box so get the normal version. However Sky is expensive and if you have things like sports and movies it comes to over £40 a month! 

Sky + best feature is the ability to record programmes just by pressing one button! Yes instead of setting the time you want to programme to record and what channel it is on and finding somewhere to record it all on you can simply press a button! It is so easy I think my Nan could do it (mind you maybe not seeing as she cannot turn the TV on!) However anyone who can turn the TV on should be able to use the recording function with ease. You can now record two shows at the same time but have to watch one of them, not watch Sky TV and maybe free view or something else or just not watch TV at all! (the horror!) 

Sky + boxes are white and look quite nice. The remote you get is similar to most remotes but has Sky written on it and also has the buttons to record, rewind, fast-forward and play and pause buttons which I believe you don`t have on the normal Sky box! These controls are also useful and can be handy if the phone rings and if you record a programme you cna fastforward through the adverts (Hooray!) 

There is also a series link function which I almost forgot to mention that allows you to record a whole series of a programme so you can’t miss it! I have used this for Top Gear, X factor, The Gadget Show, The Apprentice and much more and it could be used so you never miss a soap episode! 

Overall the box is great and provides me the ultimate TV with hundreds of channels (admittedly almost all are rubbish!) and allows me to record programmes with ease, pause and fast forward through adverts making TV more enjoyable! 

5/5 Excellent!

Summary: Great


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