Tips for Staying Awake Without Caffeine

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While coffee is a major staple for many people who want to stay awake, not everyone drinks it or even wants to use caffeine. There are methods of staying awake without caffeine, however.

Get some exercise. Staying active will keep your blood pumping and give your body more oxygen, keeping you alert. You do need more than a few crunches though, so try jogging around the block or doing some jumping jacks to get that adrenaline flowing.

Enjoy some fresh air. Whether you open a window or use a fan, cool air is perfect for staying awake without caffeine. This works very well at night, when the air tends to be cooler, but if you are trying to keep your eyes open during a warm day, you might want to use air conditioning instead.

Eat energy foods. There are plenty of foods that can help you stay awake. Bananas, for example, are a great energy food. Avoid heavier carbs like pasta, bread and rice which can make you sleepy and eat lightly, since a full stomach can also make you tired.

Take a cat nap. Even 15 min. of sleep will give you an extra burst of energy and if you are trying to stay awake without caffeine to study or be productive, it’s a good way to go. Don’t sleep longer than 30 min. or you will wake up in worse shape than you started. Nodding off at your desk can be a good way to ensure you don’t sleep for too long.

There are a number of methods for staying awake without caffeine. If you aren’t interested in taking caffeine pills or chugging energy drinks, then you can try the methods mentioned above to keep healthy and safe while still being able to pull all nighters.


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