5 Secrets to Tastier Meals

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Even if you aren’t the world’s greatest cook, there’s no reason to make bland dishes. There are a few secrets that the best cooks use which you can start implementing in your own cooking to dazzle friends and family with better dishes.

Lemon Juice
This citric juice is tart, but it can really brighten a dish. If things just don’t taste great, you might want to add a splash of lemon to make the dish sizzle. A good example of this is when you’re making white sauce for pasta. A little lemon juice can really add some bite to what would otherwise be very ordinary dish.

Lime juice can also be used and it offers a slightly tarter taste. In a squeeze, you can also use vinegar, though the flavors will drastically change. The extra tang will still be there, though.

Many of us are cutting back on salt, but there are times when it is necessary to use it in order to bring out the real flavors of a dish. Meat, in particular does well with a little dash here and there.

The trick to using salt is knowing when to use it. With potatoes and other vegetables, as well as pasta, a little added to the cooking water will allow the flavor to infuse the food, whereas meat and such should be salted either before cooking or once completed. Beans should be salted after the cooking has completed, as should eggs, since they will toughen up.

There’s a good reason sugar is found in most food products these days. It really does help take the flavor of food up a notch. Even homemade bread uses a little sugar to help the yeast develop and to give the bread a lovely flavor. Try adding a dash of sugar to your tomato sauce next time you’re making pasta and you’ll find that it really does accentuate the flavors.

Sugar also boosts the natural flavor of food and drinks. If you are making lemonade and accidentally add too much water, you can compensate with more sugar which will amp up the flavor.

Of course, herbs are a great way to ensure that your dishes have plenty of flavors, but don’t get stuck on just a couple of routine herbs. Most people use parsley as a standby, but why not try adding ginger, cilantro or lemon grass to your dishes? A new taste can turn an old, boring dish into something exciting. For example, try adding some zip to your regular salad by sprinkling some dried oregano into it, or adding some torn basil leaves. You’ll be surprised at how different the same dish tastes.

As much as we try to eliminate it, fat is what carries the flavors to us in many dishes and it’s a shame to remove it. A little oil or margarine can drastically change a dish, but if you’re looking at serious deliciousness, you want real butter and full cream to cook with. These are high in calories, but your tastebuds will rejoice!

Food is all about flavor. If you don’t have great flavor, no one will be terribly interested in eating. With just a few small changes, you can take an ordinary dish and make it into something that is fit for a king.


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