Broken & Bury me

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Shattered glass makes my feet bleed,

Still I walk the path.

Sharp edges see to feed,

On this tender skin I have.

Pain ignites like the fire,

Engulfing the beauty of my spirit.

In devastation I do tire.

Laughter is silent; I do not hear it.

Beaten and broken in my stead.

I lay lifeless on this bed.

Voices ring inside my head,

But I can’t hear all that was said.

Candid snickers echoes here.

Brought on by some keg of beer

Someone save me from this hell.

Here I remain, blinded by the spell.

Come back now, sweet spirit of youth.

Your loving guidance, once here to sooth.

Give me reason to go on.

Give a word, a feeling, a secret liaison.

But I remain beaten and broken but not beyond repair.

Shatter my soul, if you dare.

You have not the courage to dance with the truth.

You have no words to comfort, to sooth.

See me once more, not in a grave.

See my true self, for this has been saved.

Bury me

Tell me you want me,

Or sell me to the highest bidder.

Give me a feeling of shame,

Or convince me things will get better.

Come to me.

Love me.

See me.

Be me.

Ride with me,

Or bind me.

Then carry me,

Or bury me.

Show me you need me,

Or give me away.

Love with all the feeling,

Or tell me to go away.

Let me hear you say.

I’ll come to you.

I’ll love,

Because I see you.

I am you.

I’ll ride with you,

And blind you.

I’ll carry you.

I’ll bury you.

Inside this hell we call love,

Lies live here.

Inside these paper walls,

The wine takes the taste of beer.

This is the fear.

So I cry…

Come to me,

And love me.

See me,

And be me.

Ride with me,

And blind me.

Carry me,

Or bury me.

Carry me into the wake of love.

Bury me in the winds above.

Soar like the dove,

My love.


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