Blind Baby

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I wrote this a about a girl who was way too optimistic. I was not so lucky.

Blind Baby

I’ll never hear that sound again

Of fourteen thousand voices singing.

I’ll never see the faces of countless children,

As they hold hands as their power binds into one being.

I’ll never feel the glow of love anew

Perfect in its splendor.

I’ll never taste the sweetest fruits

Ripened in its season.

In this knowledge I believe,

For this there is no reason.

But I see the blind babies day after day.

Their lives passing by, happy and gay.

Tell me, dear God, can they in the right.

Ignorant of the shame, no reason to fight.

I’ll never know where that sound emerged from

Of these fourteen thousand voices collective in their song.

I’ll never discover the faces of countless children

In the power of their bond.

I’ll never discover the glow of the summer romance

Flawless in its making.

I’ll never crave the softness of the gentle rose,

This flower of great zeal.

I’ll never bite into the green apple,

Never to swallow its sweet juices.

I’ll never know the contentment of ignorance.

Of this, I must refuse.

I’ll never join the blind babies, who day after day,

Settle in their lives passing by, happy and gay.

I know the truth, the fact that there is no right.

To stay ignorant of the shame; they have no reason to fight.

To you, my blind baby,

Only one thing I see.

Stay who you are.

It’s who you’re meant to be.


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