Travel and History: Discovering the Latium Region in Italy and the town of Calcata

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Latium is a central region in Italy bordering with Tuscany, Umbria, Abruzzo, Marche, Molise and Campania and the Tyrrhenian Sea and house to the capitol Rome and the region has also different interesting cities and town such as Calcata.

Calcata is a commune near the city of Viterbo which stands about forty five kilometers away from Rome and it is really small with only about eight hundred and fifty people living there. Calcata is actually situated on top of a mountain of the tufo stone which dominates the green valley of the river Treja, which you can see a wonderful view from atop of the national forest and the Treja river “canyon”.

The town of Calcata is a Medieval “rock top” town which was great to keep the enemies at a distance and according to the Italian Wikipedia ( because of mistaken faulty structures the town was completely evacuated in the 1930’s by Mussolini but later in the 1970’s it started to get populated again mainly by young artists, and this artists were very creative when building their homes which are mostly made from the tufo stone.

Some other interesting sites to see in the town are what is what is known as “paese vecchio” and it is La Chiesa del SS. Nome di Gesu and the structure of the church dates back to the fourteenth century and then was rebuilt in the late eighteenth century the Sinbaldi family. Inside the church you will only see one nave and the baptismal is still the original one that was added in the sixteenth century and behind the altar you can see paintings of Jesus Christ’s stories.

And another site is the Parco Regionale Valle del Traja (Regional Park of the Treja Valley) which can be reached from the town by foot or horseback riding and you can actually continue and follow the marked path to enjoy nature in its purest form. The area according to the Italian Wikipedia ( the area has a surface of about six hundred hectares of protected land, and some of the animals that you can see are the fox, porcupine, woodpecker or falcons. At a certain point of the River Treja you will see the Cascate di Monte Gelato (Waterfalls of Iced Mountain), which is a popular venue especially in the summer but do not attempt to bathe in it even if you see brave souls splashing in the water.


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