Is it Really Worth Enough to Earn Online?

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Earning money is more important in life. Money somehow become a more essential part in everybody’s life and nobody can escape or avoid it.

There are many ways and means to earn money. Those who are smart money earners are winning in life. Smart in the sense, earning more in a short period and easiest way is more important here. In this context, I like to tell something about online jobs.

There are many jobs available online. One good example is Ad viewing. If you view 10 ads daily for 30 days, upto my experience one can earn a maximum of about $3 to $4. In my view, this is not really a career-improving, mind-refreshing job and I recommend all not to do such kind of time consuming useless jobs online.

Some cases like Bukisa are exceptional since we are improving our presenting skills here for which we have some scope of earning.

I request all who view this article to earn money online in a smarter way. Some good ways to earn online are

  1. Paid to post in good knowledge sharing forums

  2. Paid to take part in useful surveys

  3. Paid to do jobs for others online

  4. Paid to share presentations and articles online to others

I am doing some good research online and I have filtered very few ways to earn online and I stick to it. So, filtering the worthy jobs and sticking into them is one important step which everyone has to take first.
Second important thing is to improve the capability of filtering between a scam site and a real site. Most of the online earners are getting trapped into scammers and losing money and time.
Hope this small article will throw some light to online earners..!


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