Are you a Christian? Take the test!

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Questionaire for so-called christians. Please answer a Yes or a No.

1.If a stranger came and knocked on your door would you invite them in to sit at your table?

2.Do you ever molest children or even thought about it?

3.Do you hit or shake children

4.Have you never given money to someone without them asking?

5.Do you never give the other person the best half of a deal?

6.Have or do you tell white lies?

7.For Women: do you tell you husband or partner not to work so much so you can do your own thing?

8.Do you punish or scold those for not saying Please or Thank You?

9.Do you punish or scold those who don’t or haven’t read the bible?

10.Do you use scripture against others and/or to prove yourself?

11.Do you acorn or punish those who Blaspheme?

12.Do you Blaspheme?

13.Do you smoke when children or others are around?

14.Do you talk and laugh about people behind their backs?

15.Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?

16.Do you wish bad things on others?

17.Has your God proven Himself a good Leader?

18.Have you touched (not intimately) or kissed a person of different colour skin to your own?

19.Do you consider all Animals a creation of God?

20.Then do you think snakes are evil creatures?

21.Do you believe God put the curse into the Pigs?

22.Do you consider yourself a Christian?

If you have answered Yes to half or more of these questions than you a sick freak and are definitely classified as a genuine Christian. Definitely someone who everybody should stay away from. And thrown into the Lion’s Den. Don’t even think about walking through the Pearly Gates to meet St Peter.

If however you answered Yes to Less then half of half then you are an alright dude. Now and again, of course, we blaspheme, tell the occasional white lie, and sometimes say ‘bless you (bles-shu)’ when someone we know does a one-hundred mile an hour sneeze.

Anyway, whichever side you’re one I hope you enjoyed the test. Have a nice day : )


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