Make your computer workable again after a major crash in just 10 minutes

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So finally you are here to read the article and know what is the amazing thing i wanted to tell you about the miraculous software that saves the cumbersome job of re-installing the OS and saves the data also.

The software is NORTON GHOST.  GHOST = General Hardware Operated System Transfer.

So you need to purchase a Norton Ghost package and install the software part in it.

Now Take out a backup of the drive where your operating system is located and save it some where on the other drive.

Its take only 10 minutes to take a backup.

Do this procedure atleast every week.

Now if your system crashes just put your recovery disk in your Optical Drive which is supplied with the software and restart the system.

But don’t forget to set the BIOS to boot from the CD-ROM drive first.

After you restart an option will be shown saying press any key to boot from the CD. So press any key.

Now after sometime a window will appear having options for different tasks.

Do whatever you like.  You can backup your data before get your hard drive overwritten. After that just overwrite the drive containing the operating system with the backup data.

It will take just 10-15 minutes and miracle happens. After it your system restarts and you find your OS in the state you have taken the backup.

So what are you waiting for just you need a Norton Ghost package. It doesnt cost much also and saves a lot of time to reinstall the os.

I have finished the words I have to deliver. Now its your turn to act.

Have a great Digital Experience.

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