Healthy weight loss

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It is very important to educate yourself on what foods are truly healthy and what foods are truly bad. Your ultimate goal is to lose weight to look better and to be healthier.  Never put your health at risk needlessly for a diet.  Also, it is very important to realize one thing for true weight loss success: a diet is what you eat not what you do.  A weight loss plan is something you need to think of as turning over a new leaf. You will love how you look and feel, so you want to stick with the plan. Thinking of it as a diet sounds negative think of it as a new healthier lifestyle.  A good mindset is the most important part of a weight loss plan. Always remember  that if you stray from your new healthier lifestyle occasionally it is ok, but too often and you could be completely erasing all your hard work.  Next I want you to go through your refrigerator and cupboards and donate any foods that are going to be a temptation for you. They should be removed from your home immediately! Purchase foods that are good for you especially green leafy vegetables. I also always stock pile carrots, I love them and when I am having one of those days that I just want to eat and eat I will munch on carrots all day.   It is a good idea to watch out how many carbs you are consuming, but remember that you do need a little. (I am not an expert in nutrition, so please do some research on healthy eating habits or contact a nutritionist. It really is very important.)  It is important to find an exercise program that is right for you. While cardio is a great way to shed weight remember that you don’t want to jump right into hard core cardio as this may put to much stress on your heart.  Instead ease into a slower pace cardio routine such as speed walking. I recommend pilates It is a safe pace with great results. Don’t underestimate it as you move up in difficulty it gets more and more challenging.  A healthy diet combined with a great workout always pays off.  I do also recommend a health supplement to replace any vitamins you may not be consuming. Your best bet is to consult your doctor for health supplements.


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