Find $100.00 in your home

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First and most obvious is to clean your home, vehicles and garage. When doing this look in your couch and in every small crevices you have. When doing this you will find change. Next you need to take the change and put it in your change jar for later.  This step only applies to those who live in a state in which there is a bottle deposit. If you are anything like me you probably hate to return your bottles. I had quite a collection of returnable in the garage. Now is the time to take back those bottles. Once you have done that put that money in your change jar.  Now we all have items in our home we no longer use. Why not have a yard sale? When having you yard sale remember the goal is to make SOME money and get rid of those old items, not get rich. The biggest mistake I have seen is someone taking a good item and over pricing it. Once your yard sale is complete take that money and add it to your change jar.  Now this is where things get a little tricky. Usually after a yard sale you still have items left over. These items are usually clothing. Every town has a consignment shop. Now you need to take those items that did not sell and sell them to the consignment store. Once this is completed add this money to your change jar.Also if you have any old metal yard items or copper laying around now is the time to take them to a metel recycling center. They will purchase the items from you. Once all steps are finished take your change and roll it and then cash it in. Now take your change jar and see how much you have made.


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