"My Dying"

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Here is the story..I was just a chid that time when i was walking back home and suddenly at the corner i saw a cat. At first, I thought into my mind, ‘Oh, a dead!How poor’. When i was about to go,I noticed that it moved slowly crawling towards me. I was shocked and coudn’t help myself but to help her. I ran through our house and hush to comfort her by soaking her with lots of clothes. I prepared her food and drink so that she could return her strength but she was so weak that she could hardly move. I was so worried what to do, how can i feed and help return her normal state. I asked help to my mother since she have already took care of as since the day we took life. She helped me with the place where can i place the cat and she even prepared food for her. Since she cannot eat well, i just preferred to feed her with milk using medicine drops. At the moment i started feeding her, I was enlighten to save her life as soon as possible and started to think to give her name. At first,there were so many suggestions given. But at the end of my decision,i just named her ‘Dying’ not considering the fact that she was dying that time when i gave her name but i thought that I have found her because she was in need of comfort and love. As days passed by, I was drawing myself nearer to her. One day, I noticed that she was so already messed up with all the milk all over her body so i decided to clean her up and took her to bath. After i washed her, I placed her to her newly designed bed and took her to rest. After awhile, I returned back to her and suddenly i noticed that she was so cold and was lying unconsciously. That moment, I called my mother and ask for help. My  mother checked up her and just said to me sadly that she’s gone. I was so sad and hopeless that time. I took myself as the fault of that incident. If it wasn’t by me, she could have live longer. That was the moment i realized how sad it is to lost someone you care about. That was ‘Dying’,my first ever pet who made me realize the importance of having someone in your life right now.


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