The Legacy of Swayze

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The Man.
The Myth.
The Mullet.
There are certain actors you never forget. The ones who make you go “Wait a minute – wasn’t that…?” or “Who the hell is that? He’s cool!”
You know, people like Richard Lynch. Billy Drago. John Morgen.
Right now, there’s this one actor I guess we’re all giving a thought.
A man called Swayze.
It’s hard to tell when we first discovered that this guy sure is one to keep an eye or two on. Was it as Max Carney in HUMANOID DEFENDER? Or maybe as Andy in the gritty W.A.R.: WOMEN AGAINST RAPE, starring Frank Stallone and the legendary Martin Landau?
It could have been as Nelson in the truck chase actioner DRIVING FORCE in which Sam J. Jones played the hero – Jones, himself an interesting actor, has actually played both Flash Gordon and The Spirit, plus another comic book character – Jungle Jack – in JANE AND THE LOST CITY. Some kind of record?
Martial Arts thriller DEATH RING sported an all-star cast. Besides Swayze, it featured Mike Norris, Chad McQueen and Billy Drago. He played against another stellar cast in EVASIVE ACTION with Roy Scheider and Clint Howard.
…And we mustn’t forget the countless TV shows Swayze’s appeared in: RENEGADE, MURDER SHE WROTE, LOIS & CLARK, WALKER: TEXAS RANGER, THE X-FILES and several more. Fans of arty TV entertainment fondly remember him as the Tattooed Man in CARNIVÀLE.
His name is Swayze. Don Swayze. B-movie actor, born in 1958, and brother of the late Patrick Swayze.
He’s still alive and his legend will live on.


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