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 Race, Immigration, Obama & PalinI’ve been procrastinating in writing about these subjects. I really don’t want Obamas’ presidency to be viewed or judged upon the color of his skin. Naive? No, I don’t think so. Full of wishful thinking? Unfortunately, most definitely! Being that I don’t live under a rock, I am not unaware of the historic significance of the B.H.O. election. Upon that election, I had to admit to a certain amount of pride and hopefulness. Pride that America voted for a minority and hopeful that some racial healing would result. But any of those positive emotions that I had were overwhelmed by the facts that my brain could not ignore.
    Barrack Hussein Obama spent 20 years sitting in a church pastored by Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Wright, in case you were living under a rock, hates America. To be blunt about it, he hates “white” America. Based on his words, I don’t have much doubt about that and it is a free country(for now) & he’s free to hold those feelings. But let me get this straight, Rev Wright baptized the Obama children and BHO spent those twenty years in his pews and never heard any of those hateful words come out of Wrights mouth? Really, I’m suppose to buy that? Honestly now, if the proverbial shoe was on the other diversified foot, would anybody give a caucasian politician(or any non-minority for that matter) a similiar benefit of the doubt? No, no they wouldn’t.
    Since he’s been in office, Obama has had, in my view, two oppurtunities to provide real racial leadership and has failed both times, once miserably. When the Supreme Court opening occured, instead of nominating someone who would rule by the Constitution, the nation gets a judge, SoniaSotomayor, who follows the racial & ethnic identity politics that sadly, BHO promised his nominee would do. I for one, don’t give a crap about the “historic” ascention of Sotomayor as a Supreme Court judge, I care about the direction of this country. The ethnicity or race of a judge or politician are about as important as their brand of shoe they wear.
    Obamas’ other blunder was a serious “just let me shoot myself in the foot” moment that was quite baffling. When Harvard Professor Henry Gates was arrested, I saw a headline on the internet that said something about racial profiling and thought “what now”, but being that it was the weekend and Ididn’t want it ruined, I didn’t read the story, I figured I’d get back to it. Next thing I hear from BHO is, “I don’t know all the facts but…” and he also spouts on about racial profiling. Up till this moment I still didn’t know exactly what had happened, just some tidbits. Then I hear what really happened. What would possess a man who has stated in the past “I want to know all the facts before I give an opinion on any given subject”, to suddenly open up his mouth and ram his foot in it? To pour gasoline on such a sensitive inferno of a subject without having all the facts? I’ll refrain from conjecture as to why, but I think with this racial profiling nonsense, he did more harm to his credibility than any of his policies up to that point and maybe since. I think the average citizen is less inclined to just “take his word for it”.
    I also think the political Left is not doing Obama any favors by claiming that the Tea Partiers and others who oppose Obamas’ agenda are racists. Average people who are concerned by government spending, business and healthcare takeover being labled as racist is very bad politics. Those politicians, media types and others who insist on going down that path, do so at their own political peril!
    Speaking of policy, if you have read my opinions you know what I think of the BHO presidency. Going back to him winning the Democratic nomination, I knew what this guy was about. Based on a Kool-Aid drinker that I work with and listening to infamous “right-wing” talk radio, I knew what wascoming down the pike if he became president. And sadly, he didn’t disappoint, so to speak. But there were a couple of things that did catch me by surprise, although they can be pretty much summed up in one observation: The man reeks of arrogance. From the brazenness of the so called Stimulus Bill, that was nothing more than a political payoff to his cronies, that just had to pass immediately or “America might never recover” to Cap & Trade, so that the earth can be “saved”, to the Healthcare Bill monstrosity, that had to get passed before the August break ’cause “it’s time to stop talking about it and get done”, it has been crisis, crisis, hurry, hurry!
    Why the rush? Because  A) Like Rahm Emanuel said, “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste when you can do things you couldn’t do before”, B) he needs to get this crap through before the 2010 elections where (hopefully) the dynamics of congress change and he won’t have the numbers to ram it through and finally C) He “knows” he’s right. No need to debate these bills because BHO knows best! In his mind there is no room for compromise, after all, he won the election and he’s loved and adored by his fans and media alike! But he will find out that not everyone is drinking the Kool-Aid and fans can be fickle.
    I’ll state what I believe what everybody already know; There will be no meaningful immigration reform anytime in the near future. If anything is done pertaining to immigration, it won’t be in the best interest of the country. Neither political party have the stomach to do what needs to be done when it comes to illegal immigration. And what needs to be done you ask? Well, if I was Americas Supreme Leader(ASL, for short), this is what I would do: First off the borders would be closed and no more visas or applications would be issued for anything! The only people allowed in are businesspersons and students who have a history of coming into America and leaving when they’re supposed to. Will that hurt tourism? Yes, but we can’t waste resources keeping track and chasing down even more people than neccessary. Next, all applications will be resolved. All available resources will be used to deal with all issues pertaining to immigration. Citizenship, adoption, bringing family into America, etc…all of it. Get it resolved as quickly as possible. But no more apps during this process. Once that’s done with, for the very last time in Americas history(at least as long as I’m the ASL), immigration amnesty will take place. This is how it will go: The English language will be declared the official language of the United States of America government! Anyone who wishes to become a US citizen either now or in the future will take the test which will be in English. ONLY! All official US government documents will be in English. ONLY! All illegal immigrant must come forth and get their citizenship package. They will have to learn enough English to pass the citizenship test and be able to deal with the US government. They will be allowed a certain amount of time to accomplish this. Nine to fifteen months seems reasonable enough to me. Resources will be available to help them along. For those illegals who refuse to do this, they will be considered high priority criminals who, when caught, will serve hard labor time in jail, along with others who cross into the US illegally in the future. Then they will be deported. During this time, EXTREME political and economic pressure will be applied to Mexico to encourage their cooperation in keeping their citizens in their country.
    The immigration process will be reformed at this time also. The same fair, but strict, rules will apply to everyone who wants to enter this country. Political asylum will be severely limited, if not totally eliminated. People need to fight for their liberty, their countries need to be changed from within. Harsh as well as naive? Maybe, but the US giving political asylum doesn’t change anything in these countries, it’s just a game of political one-up-man-ship. The hardest part of all this, of course, is enforcement. If someone is caught in the US illegally and given a year of hard time here and then a year of hard time in their own country, would it be enough of a deterent to not come back? I am not without understanding or sympathy of why people risk life and limb to come to America. But Mexicans or any other foreigner need to reform their own country, Americans cannot do it for them.
     I know my rantings are all a pipe dream and nothing that I’m stating will ever happen. I also know that there is not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to immigration and there are many more issues than answers. But is doing nothing the right thing? We as Americans cannot rely on politicians to do the right thing, whatever the right thing may be. Democrats look at illegals as a potential voting block and Republicans see cheap labor and a political hot potato that they just as well ignore. The rest of America gets to pick up the pieces.
    On November 4th, 2008, I voted for John McCain, which wouldn’t surprise anybody who knows me. I’ve been a lifelong Republican and would never vote for the likes of Obama. But the truth is, I was going to vote for Bob Barr, the Libertarian nominee for president. That is until McCain picked Sarah Palin to be his VP nominee. For me, Palin made McCain palatable. For those who say Sarah Palin hurt or somehow cost John McCain the election, I say you’re full of it. I personally know many people who only voted for McCain because SP was on the ticket.
    Unfortunately, I’ve come to the conclusion that the “idea” of Sarah Palin doesn’t match up with the reality of who Sarah Palin really is. I have no doubt that the media, and some in the Republican Party as well, set out to do a hatchet job on SP and succeeded in painting her in many shades of an unflattering light.
    As a conserative Republican, my ideal politician would be someone… man, woman, black, white, it doesn’t matter… with strong conservative values, who can articulate those principles and is willing to take on entrenched, corrupt politicians of any party. He/she has to be smart and squeaky clean, both publicly and privately. But I’m just not sold on SP being all that. Her reputation has been dragged through the mud so badly that even if she is “all that”, I’m afraid she won’t get the chance to show it.    My gut feeling is that she will go for the 2012 Republican nomination, but she just may be “damaged” goods and fall short.  arjay 09/14/09


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